Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PODCAST: Governors Island

New York's most underappreciated treasure gets the Bowery Boys treatment. Its Governors Island: a fort, a small town, a prison and a Burger King ... all bought for one dollar.

Listen to it for free on iTunes or other podcasting services. Or you can download or listen to it HERE


  1. Is there any possibility of downloading this podcast? I was born on Governors Island and miss New York dearly. I have very fond memories of the Burger King! I-Tunes doesn't have it available to download

  2. Hi Laura, I emailed them about this too and Greg suggested

    to listen to and possibly download older ones. There is the option to download but I couldn't get it to work-so let me know if you can :-) He did say that they were working on getting older ones on Itunes. Good luck