Saturday, March 22, 2008

History in the making - 3/22

Above: new Yankee Stadium

We'd like to give a big thank you to Kevin Walsh for giving us a generous shout-out on his site Forgotten NY. Most of you I'm sure are familiar with this great site, the ultimate investigative New York history site that specializes in the unique and sometimes unknown corners of the city. And if you haven't already, go out and find the book of the same name. It's invaluable for curious New Yorkers....

And in the rest of the NY history universe:

Webster Hall -- bawdy speakeasy, modern dance club, newest New York landmark [City Room]

Other potential landmarks -- not looking so good (sorry 287 Broadway, Kosciuszko Bridge, etc.) Lost City has the round-up [Lost City]

Brooklyn Bridge Easter Egg Hunt! Woo-hoo! [Dumbo NYC]

Lauren is challenging herself to visit and write about every single New York neighborhood. Check out where she's been thus far [New York City Challenge]

Some grim Knickerbocker Village headlines from the past! [Knickerbocker Village]


  1. Great show. Love the additon of the special guests, but it will be nice to have the boys back together again next week.

    Batter up, Rickyd

  2. I discovered this blog through the Forgotten NY page last week, and I've been burning through its pages ever since. Love it! Keep up the good work! George